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The consumer culture we live in has lead to mass over consumption. We see this across many industry’s, but perhaps none more so than fashion.

By 2030 apparel consumption globally is expected to rise by 63%, from 62 million tons to 102 million tons. In the UK alone £140 million worth of clothes goes to landfill each year. We are already hugely over consuming with devastating consequences for our planet and its people, if we don’t slow down now we will destroy our planet. By 2050 we would need the equivalent of nearly 3 planets to provide the natural resources required to sustain our current lifestyles.

I value well designed products which are made to last and be treasured. I believe we have to move away from fast fashion throwaway culture and progress towards a slow fashion future. I also believe we have to hold brands to account for their practices and push them to be transparent with their consumers.

A world where we buy less and keep our clothes for longer would enable us to;

  • Have a more transparent industry with reduced pressure on both the human and environmental elements of supply chains

  • Enhance workers rights and pay

  • Reduce the amount of textiles going to landfill 

  • Move forward into less seasonal retail, reducing the number of unsold garment

We need to move away from fast fashion and towards a slow paced less seasonal model with transparency and accountability from brands & retailers.

We need to shift our values towards long-lasting, quality products, and appreciate the workers who make our clothes. 

I am committed to pushing brands and retailers to be accountable for their practices, encouraging sustainable choices through my own professional practices, and reducing my own consumption as much as reasonably possible.

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